Learn To Drive AND Pass That Practical Drivers Test

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Learning the basics of road rules and laws here in the UK is only part of the ordeal of learning to drive and obtaining a full drivers license. You must pass that practical driving test first and that can be quite a task for many young drivers. The ability to concentrate on the roadway, all the way around you, can prove to be difficult for some. When you are the type to chat and make gestures, maybe even looking backwards at where you have been more so than watching the road ahead, you just might fail your driving test big time!

Gaining your confidence is only the beginning
Driving a car or truck is easy! Observe someone who has driven for years and you see how comfortable they seem to be behind the wheel. If they are driving a car they have owned and driven for years they seem to make a perfect team travelling down the roadway. Now imagine yourself, new behind the wheel, and very inexperienced and uncomfortable with the vehicle you control. That confidence you will gain comes with experience and practice so don’t fret because you will soon have that same feeling of teamwork as other more experienced drivers. Practice driving on lesser travelled roads and soon you too will be comfortable behind the wheel. First you must learn the rules of the road or laws pertaining to driving.

Basic requirements for driving on UK highways
1) Learn to be observant when behind the wheel. This is an important part of driving and one which will be watched when you take your driving test. It is also one of the primary causes of vehicle accidents.
2) Approach road junctions, including traffic signals and red lights, cautiously. Slow down as you near. Stop before you quite reach the white lines.
3) Make sure you are in the proper lane when preparing to make a turn. Take care not to hit the curb when making a turn.
4) Hands in the proper position while driving including never crossing your hands over the wheel when making turns, but keep both hands on the wheel at all times. Do not take your hands from the wheel allowing the wheel to spin after turning.
5) When driving a stick shift make sure you start off in the proper gear (low) and always use the brakes to slow down rather than down shifting into lower gears.
6) Use your mirrors to observe what is happening beside you and behind your vehicle. Watch for other traffic when changing lanes and always use turn signals or hand signals before beginning your turn.
7) Be especially observant at road junctions. Do not unnecessarily hesitate or be overly cautious when leaving a junction but make sure you have time to see in all directions.

Practice Practice Practice
With experience will come the confidence to be comfortable and at ease behind the wheel of your vehicle. Allow your parents or another experienced driver take you out for a few spins. Rehearse the laws of the road so you know them by heart and you should fly through the driving test, then you will possess your own full drivers license and the feeling of freedom that comes with that.

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Learn To Drive AND Pass That Practical Drivers Test

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Learn To Drive AND Pass That Practical Drivers Test

This article was published on 2013/05/23