Getting Your Truck Ready For Winter

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With it coming up to Winter so quickly we can be forgiven for seeking advice on how to ensure our trucks keep trucking throughout the frosty season. Ensuring your business keeps moving and stays productive. Winter weather driving provides even the most experienced truck drivers difficulty. Weather conditions to be expected include rain, hail, snow and icy conditions all of which could potentially lead to any number of disastrous accidents.

Driving in the worst weather conditions you must expect to be subject to low visibility and reduced traction. Driving a larger vehicle such as a HGV truck means you will be on the road for longer periods of time and there for more while you may have more experience, your more susceptible to having a road traffic accident.

Ways at which you can minimise the chance of running into problems in the winter months. Mentioned previously was limited traction, traction on a truck isn't great at the best of time due to the mass of the vehicle and trailer in tow. Learning to manage this under the new Wintery driving conditions is critical to the safety of your journey.

In preparation or if you feel yourself loosing traction you will need to most importantly remain calm. Panic can cause you to over or under react. If your in control of yourself you can control your vehicle. Reduce your speed gradually where possible and try to not make harsh movements. Driving smoothly will ensure you don't enter into a skid and veer off of the carriage way or road.

Many newer trucks and automobiles come equipped with temperature gauges which can be used to measure the outside temperature. Why is this important? If the temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius you run the risk of loosing traction on ice or black ice.

Increasing your visibility is key to avoiding an accident. If you come out to your truck and the windows are covered in condensation be sure to wipe all of the windows and wing mirrors to increase visibility. Make sure that there is enough fluid in your windscreen wipers, to keep the windows clean.

Keeping moving throughout these cold and dangerous months is essential to the continuation of our lives as we know it, not to sound dramatic but without the truckers delivering their valuable loads we might well be in quite a situation. When trucking ensure you make up an emergency kit inclusive of blankets, spare clothes and a lamp, ensure you are prepared for all scenarios.
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Getting Your Truck Ready For Winter

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This article was published on 2010/11/25