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Learning to drive is an exciting milestone in anyone's life, however not everyone is blessed with the capability to get in the car, take a few lessons and pass first time. This is why it is so important to get proper driving tuition. It is tempting to get a friend or relative to teach you to drive to save money, but with driving laws becoming more stringent the best option is to look for a qualified driving instructor to teach you how to drive.

When looking for a driving instructor, make sure that they are DSA registered qualified driving instructors. Make sure all the necessary documentation is in place before booking any driving lessons. The most important thing to consider before commencing driving lessons is acquiring a provisional licence. Taking driving lessons without one is actually illegal, pick up a DVLA provisional licence application form from the local post office. Keep both parts of the driving licence which should include a paper counterpart and a plastic provisional licence card with a passport sized photograph on it.

The official driving test has increased in difficulty in recent years; therefore it is vital that anyone wishing to commence driving lessons makes the right choice when choosing a driving instructor. Driving instructors should be able to make the learner driver feel comfortable and at ease when learning to drive. Therefore a driving school that offers a choice of both male and female driving instructors is always a good thing.

Learning to drive can be daunting, however some companies do offer an easier option which is the option to learn to drive in an automatic car instead of a manual car. This does not change the safety aspects of learning to drive, but it does facilitate the navigation of the vehicle. Automatic driving lessons are especially good for those who find it difficult to grasp the overall concept of driving, therefore taking away the difficulty of manoeuvring the car and placing emphasis on safety plus other important aspects of driving, which are prevalent in the final driving test.

Driving is a skill that once learnt is seldom forgotten, just like riding a bike. Holding a driving licence may not be suitable for everyone, however it is a ticket to independent travel. Driving lessons can be expensive, but there are driving schools that offer discounts for first time drivers, students, and for booking a block of lessons rather than one at a time.
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Driving Lessons Croydon

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This article was published on 2010/09/26